Application Form DV-2021.

Application Form DV-2021.

Application form in the year 2019 will not be available furthermore in the internet as it is closed.

DV 2021 Diversity Visa Lottery Application form is now available and it will be available till November 2019. Check for the DV-2021 English version DV Lottery Instructions. Because English language is the only acceptable and official one. For instance the New Instructions provides list of the eligible countries and changes for the forth coming DV program.

DV-2021 opening date: 02/10/2019. Download the Application Forms and can fill and submit.
DV2021 Closing date: 05/11/2019 Draw will stop providing Applications and accepting them. 
Primary applicant must have her/his passport details to enter in to the draw.

DV-2021 Diversity Visa Lottery Application form is expected to be provided in the official website for to download, fill and submit it back.  It will be kept open for a period of 35 days. Participants will be allowed to download the form through internet connected PC, Laptop and through tablet. Green Card Application form should be filled ONLY with English alphabets and not with other alphabets such as Nordic. Participant must upload their digital photo file along with the application form. Old photos will not be accepted. Application forms wit old photos will be rejected at any time, if you are selected as a winner.

In the opening and closing dates there may be a rush from participants and due to the heavy traffic the official site may crash.So keep trying till you find the site. Wait, it can crash again when you are submitting it. So start the process, if you don’t find your coufirmation number.

Application Form DV-2021.

The visa lottery application form will not be available in the other days. So be quick and submit your DV lottery entry form as soon as possible within the opening days. If you missed this opportunity you will have to wait one more year to participate in this draw.
Validity, 60 minutes only will be available to fill and submit the web page based entry form.
If 60 minutes of time had passed, start the process once again with a newly downloaded form.

If the country name is not in the drop down menu, then that country natives can’t participate in the draw. Read the DV 2021 instructions to find out other ways to claim your eligibility for the draw, if it suits you.

If you are already selected in the last year held draw and if your case number is very high and don’t have hope in getting an interview, then you can submit your entry in the next selection program.


People staying in the USA too can participate in this draw, if they are eligible and had met all the eligibility requirements. Like wise people staying in the USA too can submit entries for their relatives and friends, if they meet the draws’ eligibility.

You must include digital photo files of your dependents (Passports for them are not required) along with their details too in the entry and the photos should meet the requirements as given in the draw instructions.

Also if you are married person then you must include your wife/husband and eligible children details with their individual digital photo files in their birth order. Failure to include any of your eligible dependents or including an out side person as spouse in the form will disqualify you from thes considered as the best  draw.

Best Internet Explorer: Above IE 8 is considered as the best suitable browser.

How many parts in the DV form?

The Application will come as two parts for a married person where the first part is for him and the second part is for his family. Once you had submitted the duly filled entry form you will be shown with the “Success Page” where you will have your name and the unique Confirmation Number. This confirmation number is work as a password to check your online results in the coming year. Keep the confirmation number in a safe place.

You can enter one entry ONLY in this year program with your name. If you or any other person tries to submit more entries with your name as primary applicant all the entries will be rejected by the system.

Once you had submitted your entry you will be shown with the “Entry successfully accepted” page. If you didn’t see that success page means that you didn’t had submitted your entry in to the visa lottery draw. Fill and submit it till you get the success page with your name and confirmation number. Save that page or at least write down your confirmation number. This confirmation number will assist you to check your selection results in the coming year.

Fee for submitting 2021 E-DV Entry .

First of all, no fee will be charged to down load the E-DV Entry form, fill  and submit it back. Although the winners will be requested to pay US$ 330 as processing fee at the time of their interview.

Furthermore, those selected winners will not be announced through postal mail, phone call or email.

DV-2018 and DV-2019 programs are now officially closed.
DV-2020 program is providing visa interviews and changing of status to LPR from 1st of October 2019 and will close on 30th September 2020.

Source: U.S.Government.

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  1. Hi. Thank you for the information provided about the Dv-2021 lottery but I have a concern on the part that says you are to get a passport because the you will be asked to provide informations from it so I must admit that it will be too difficult for some of us to be a part of the process due to the fee of a passport. So, I’m kindly appealing and recommending to your good office that in order to get the full involvement of low rate of emigration to the US, please restrict that portion of passport only to the winners. Once again I want to say thank you so much for this opportunity.

    1. Earlier you don’t need to have a passport to apply for the draw. Now the primary applicant must have the passport and must provide its details in the DV-2021 entry form. for the DV-2021 as per the new Instructions.

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