DV-2020 has already accepted entries in the year 2018. DV-2020 Results are expected to be available in the official website by next month May in this year 2019. Those who have their confirmation code can check the online results by themselves.

The KCC conducts this draw electronically and they don’t send selection results by postal mail as it was earlier. Also people must understand that they will not use either E-mail or By phone to announce the winners personally. Many people think that they had provided that their email and phone number. So they expect the KCC to send individual winning notifications to them. But sorry, it won’t happen. If you get any personal winning notification it is a fake one.

When the applicant check their online selection results, if every thing match of yours and that is in the system, Results will be displayed as selected or not selected at this time. If selected read the shown instructions and follow it. Also get a print out of the displayed winning notification.

DV-2020 Interview. Following numbers are current in

April 2020

AFRICA: 41,000 Except: Egypt 30,700
ASIA 15,800 Except: Iran 9,800, Nepal 10,500
EUROPE 21,200

May 2020

AFRICA 45,175 Except: Egypt 39,000
ASIA 18,450 Except: Iran 11,550, Nepal 11,700
EUROPE 30,000


DV-2020 Visa Interview.

DV-2020 has started to call the 2021 winners from October 2019 for their visa interviews.
Thos people who are staying in the USA must contact the USCIS office to change their current status to USA LPR status, when their case numbers are current in any given month.

On 30th September 2020 the draw will be closed officially. After this date under 2020 winnings will go as NULL
So work faster to process your winning when it is called. Many country people are not allowed to Re-schedule their visa interviews once they are called. But in some country by providing medical certificate it can be Re-scheduled. But there may be no visas available once you are reedy to go for the interview.

Making fake marriages will be counted as you are helping another person to obtain an American visa illegally. If found so, you will be banned from entering in o the USA for 99 years and may be prosecuted under your country Law.

American DV Draw Winners.

There are two kinds of winners.
1. Winners staying in the USA (Legally)
2. Winners outside of the USA.

Although both kinds of winners must process their winning according to their selected case number.
Must provide Affidavit of Support.
Must pay their visa processing fee. (US$ 330 for each person. Only to the US Consular office on the day of their Interview)
Winning a slot will not guarantee that you will get an USA visa. To get the visa you must proof your eligibility at the time of the interview. Also the consular officer must be satisfied by your eligibility. If the visa is refunded for any reason the visa processing fee US$330 will not be refunded back. You can’t complain against the decision in any place. In other words i is final.
If you don’t meet the eligibility requirements of DV-2020, don’t process the selection winning as you will lose money and time.

If your case number is high and if there are no hope for attending DV-2020 visa interview, therefore you can participate in the Dv 2021 visa lottery program


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