DV 2021 Application Form Not Available.

DV 2021 Application Form is not available.

DV2021 application form will not be available in the official website after 05th November 2019. The website is designed to run for 35 days. During this time the website will provide the application forms and will accept them once duly filed and submitted with perfect digital photo files and within one hour of time. Before to apply read the DV2021 Instructions as it is compulsory for you to have your Valid International passport details.Don’t provide imaginary ones as it will make you to be disqualified from the draw. Currently DV-2021 diversity visa program is closed from accepting entries as the closing date reached om 05th November 2019.

Once it is accepted it will display your Confirmation number along with the program year in the front. Copy and save it to check your selection results in the coming year.

 2021 Application Form NOT available. Reasons are here.

If the DV 2021 Applications are not available during the entry accepting period it means there may be some problem with the USA System or with your internet connection.
1. The American Diversity Visa program’s System is down
2. Too much people had tried to accept the website at a time.
3. May be your Browser is not supporting the application form.
4. You may be using slow internet connection. Use faster one.
5. The form may load partially, in this case try to download a new form.
6. Some time if you submit your entry, nothing may happen. You won’t see any success page. In this case you have to get a new application form and fill it and submit it back to the system and have to get your confirmation number.

7. In the last days if you submit a partially loaded with your details and digital photo, the system may record your entry and you will not get the confirmation number. When you try to apply once again the system will say that you are trying to submit duplicate entries as there is one entry is submitted already with your name.
8. Try to clear the web “cache” to reload the website.
9. Latest Internet Explorer is the best one for to apply for the DV2021 visa lottery program.
10. You can’t save the application form in your computer and use it later. It is a time controlled one and it won’t work, if you tried to submit it. Once the form is downloaded it should be submitted within 1 hour of time.

More Information.

If you try to complaint about the application form outage during the application submission period, it is very rare to get response from the authorities. In this year 2020 dv Application Form will be available under the dv 2022 FY Program for around 32 days.


2021 Application Form

DV 2021 photo.
Online Application Form.


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