DV 2021 Instructions

DV 2021 Instructions.

DV 2021 Instructions in the English Language is already available in the internet. This should be read by all the participants as it gives clean details on the program. There may be lot of translations available in the other local languages from the US Consular offices located in many parts of the world. Although the US State Department had clearly declared that the English version is the only accepted and official one. So all participants must get a copy of this in their hand and must follow this carefully, if they are selected as one of the lucky winner.

New Changes for the DV-2021 Visa Lottery Program.
All the primary applicants must have their Valid International Passport to participate in this FY 2021 draw.
This is to protect the winners from the scam agents who used to sale the winning to other people for money rather than supporting original winner.

DV 2021 Instructions and Its Content.

The DV 2021 instructions gives you instructions and what you should not do. For instance they say about the quality of the DV 2021 digital photo files and what you should not wear when you are taking a new digital photo.

  • Whom you should include in your application form.
  • When to apply for the draw?
  • Where to apply for the draw?
  • Where and when to check your DV 2021 results.
  • How to prepare your photo or how to scan your photo.
  • Whom are eligible to participate in the draw.
  • Which countries are allowed and which countries are not allowed.

In this instructions it is clearly mentioned by the US State Department on when the Green card draw will start and closes using the US Time and date. Other than this timing the dv lottery official website used to be inactive and no application form providing and application form accepting will not be carried out therefore don’t try to apply..

For instance you can find out here why the American Government is conducting this free to apply American Immigrant visa program through the internet. Although some of the country born people are NOT allowed to participate in this lucky name selection draw. There is a clue for instance how to be eligible if your birth country is not eligible to participate in this green card selection program.

Here is the link for the Official DV-2021 Instructions in English.

DV-2021 Translations in other languages.


DV 2021 Instructions

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