DV 2021 Results Not Available

DV 2021 Results Not Available,

DV 2021 Results Not Available in the official website, even I provided all the details perfectly is the main complaint by many people. For instance still there is facility to check DV-2020 Results online. Above all select the correct year to check the results. If not getting the results here are some causes for it.

DV 2021 Results Opening Date.

05th June 2020. (New Date)

Opened the correct website?
You can check your results in the American Government’s official DV Lottery website only.
Are you using the correct confirmation number starting with 2021 and it should have 16 alpha digits.
Even it not displaying, read that page clearly for any advice from them like wrong confirmation number.

DV 2021 Results Not Available.

If lot of people try to access it the page may go down. (Around first 3 days)
Some technical on their side may case the results from being sjown
For example: Showing blank white page or error code with some script.

Another reason you are not using the correct last name. If so try with the names one by one.
Applicant took too long time to fill the details.
Internet connection speed is slow. Therefore try with good speed internet.
Not using the recommended Internet Explorer of latest version may too cause the problem.
Birth year is wrong or not using the English birth year. (Arabic and Ethiopian are not accepted and will not help to check the results.
In the confirmation number section you are confused with O and 0. Or I and with L.
Repeat the check with the them using one by one.

Our Advice.

Therefore check DV-2021 results after around 10th of May 2020.
Use Laptop or PC that is connected to high speed Internet.
However using a Smartphone is not good as you can enter wrong letters and numbers.

If possible connect a printer to get a print out, if selected as a Winner in DV Program.
Don’t believe all the agents are giving you  the correct information after applying.
Although some used to give wrong information.
They used to keep the original with them to get money from you, if you are selected as a winner.


DV 2021 Results

Selected as Winner?

DV Entrants Status Check Here.

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