DV-2021 Visa Draw Opening and Closing dates.

DV-2021 Visa Draw Opening and Closing dates.

DV-2021 American visa Lottery will open in a few days time if everything goes normal in the American Government Diversity processing. Take note this Green Card providing DV draw is totally made in to electronic processing through the internet. So you must be familiar with using the internet through your own device like large Smartphone or PC like devices. Otherwise there are chances for you to be cheated by some Agents or by some companies.

These dates are being checked by more than 10 million people every day. Because this gives a solid path to immigrate to the USA once the winner is selected for the draw and if meets all the required eligibility.
1. Birth country eligibility.
2. Must have the Required High School degree.
3. A sponsor person from USA is required or must have enough funds to start the life in the USA.
4. Clean life without any conviction.
5. Perfect Medical certificate from the Embassy appointed Medical Officer.
6. Primary applicant must have own passport and must fill the details in the DV application form.

DV-2021 Visa Draw Dates.

DV-2021 will open on 02/10/2019 and will close on 05/11/2019 through the internet.
As lot of people try to access the website to submit their entries in the first week, the web site may display blank page due to bandwidth problem. If you had submitted your Application form through the online website, keep watching the website. There are assistants where all the participants were requested to re-submit their entry. Also if you see your confirmation number in the screen will only confirm that your entry had been submitted to the draw.

Before you submit your entry write down all the information in a paper to keep it in a safe place. This can be used to recover your confirmation number, if you had lost it.

Also it is important for you to fill all the true information along with your passport  details in the E-DV entry
Omitting or hiding any information will result in rejecting your entry, even if you are selected as a winner under the draw.

Each applicant must include their legal spouse and eligible children in the form according to their birth order.

DV-2021 Visa Draw

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