DV 2021 Winners

DV 2021 winners

DV 2021 winners will be placed in two sections. One is those selected winners in the USA. The other one is winners staying out side of the USA. Winners staying in the USA have the chance to convert their winning in to Green card, if they have the following.


1. Education/Work Experience
2. Lower case number
3. Facility to obtain Affidavit of Support from a US Citizen or LPR Holder.
4. Police clearance from countries where they had stayed for more than 6 months.
5. Must have all the necessary certificates along with their translations, if it is necessary.
6. They must keep watching the visa bulletin and if their case number is going to be current then they can start processing their application. Their dependents too must go to their country US Embassy to process their visas on the same day.
7. Visa processing will start on 01 of October 2020.
The draw will close officially on 30th September 2021.

DV 2021 Winners Staying Outside of USA.

Winners selected under DV 2021 program, for instance from Ethiopia will be given with their own case numbers. There are 50,000 visas only available and to issue them all, nearly 100,000 winners will be selected. It means that all the selected winners will not be called for interview as the visas may exhaust before the official closing date 30th October 2021. Therefore their winning will go as NULL even if they are selected winners.

Selected as DV Winner?

Above all DV winners will have to get a print out of their winning notification
After that they must go online and have to apply for the Immigrant visa under the DV selection.
Winners must include all their dependents, even if they are not intended to immigrate to the USA.
In addition be prepared to pay US$ 330 as visa processing for each person.
Similarly if you are not a rich man, arrange for to get Affidavit of Support from a US citizen or LPR holder.
Thereafter you must get Police clearance as per the DV instructions.
Keep watching your case number to become current.
For instance if it is current, your visa letter will be available in the place where you had applied for the visa.
Don’t try to re-schedule your visa interview date as it can make you lose your visas.


DV 2021 Winners

FY2021 DV Instructions.

American Visa Bulletin.

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