DV-2021 American Green Card Draw.

DV-2021 is a program that is held in the Internet to offer American Immigrant visas through computer random name selection program. The draw is conducted by the American Government through the US State Department and KCC. Furthermore the draw is held every year to issue 55,000 immigrant visas legally. An eligible person can submit one entry in to this draw through the internet. A person can apply for this draw till he gets a visa to immigrate to the USA.

Was opened on: Noon, (EDT) (GMT-4), Wednesday, October 2, 2019.
Closed on: Noon,  (EST) (GMT-5), Tuesday, November 5, 2019.

Important Notice:
To participate in the draw the applicant must have her/his passport and it is not necessary for the dependents.  In other words will be required to provide the passport details in the entry.

DV-2021 Eligibility.

  • The birth should have happened in an eligible country. (See the eligible country list)
  • Should have passed the High School Degree successfully after studying in the Junior and High School for 1 2years.
  • Or must have 2 years of work experience within the last 5 years after learning the trade for 2 years.
  • Must have enough fund to survive in the USA. Otherwise must provide Affidavit of Support from LPR or Citizenship holder.

Application Form.
The application form is officially called as E-DV entry. This will be available through the official diversity visa draw website for around 30 – 34 days once a year during the per-announced dates. No paper entries will be accepted by the KCC for the Electronic Diversity Visa Draw.  As this is an Internet based application form, there is no need for to sign the entry form by the applicant when submitting the entry.

Application Fees.
There is no application fee will apply for the participants therefore this is a free program. Thereafter  if selected as a winner in the draw, they will have to pay US$330 per person when attending their visa interview or when to change their current status to LPR status.

DV Results.

Selection results for the DV 2021 will be available only through the internet based website. In other words no postal mail , Email or phone calls will be made by the KCC to announce the winners. Normally the draw’s results can be checked by May 2020 by providing the confirmation number and in addtion personal details of the applicant.

Diversity Draw.