Passport For to Apply DV-2021 Visa Draw.

Passport is compulsory to participate in the American Diversity Visa program DV-2021. For instance this seems to protect winners from the scam Agents.  They used to sale the winning to look alike persons when the original winner don’t pay them money.

Provide valid International pps for the primary applicants. It is not necessary for the spouse or eligible children to provide passport information in the Application form. Internal passports issued by some countries, too are not valid for DV entry purpose. In other words, US State Department won’t allow Emergency certificates, regional passports and EC documents from the applicants.

No Passport?  Read This.

There is some exceptions available for the Communist ruling country participants. To get more information on this refer the dv-2021 English Instructions.

However US State Department states the following. Only exceptions.  If you are stateless, a national of Communist-country and unable to obtain a passport from the government. Or the beneficiary of an individual waiver approved by the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Secretary of State. Should be consistent with the passport waivers for immigrant visa applicants provided for in 22 CFR 42.2(d), (e), and (g)(2). ”

Make sure you are only entering a good, valid, unexpired International passport details in the DV Application form. If you had entered a false, inaccurate, or invalid passport in the entry, your case will be disqualified.  Further more the DV application form will become null. If your passport number had changed from the entered number, then you must provide sufficient information for the reason to the KCC. Then only KCC will allocate a immigrant visa interview, if you are selected as a winner.

Passport Details.

Get a good perfect photocopy of the passport that you had entered in the entry form. It can be a helpful one if something happens to your pp. But this will not accepted as a proof. And the final decision will come from the Consular Officer who handle your Interview processing. Final decision/result of the DV Visa interview can’t be challenged or complained against them.  It is final for one and all.

So if you are a single unmarried person and don’t have a valid pp you will not be able to submit your entry to the DV-2021 visa name selection draw.

For instance a married person if don’t have “pp” can’t apply for the draw with family.
if your eligible spouse have required education and valid passport then she/he can apply one entry including you and all the eligible children in the visa draw.


2021 American Visa Draw Photo Requirements.

Check for the passport information in the DV-2021 Instructions.

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